• #004 Delivery Start


    We are happy to announce that the delivery of #004 has started.

  • Ohta Design

    自分に唯一、師匠と呼ばせて頂ける方がいるとしたらOhta Design...

    The only person who I can call my mentor might be Mr. Rikuo Ohta of Ohta Design...
  • Wear a T-shirt inside out


    That was certainly when I was in the 7th grade, so I think it was around 1989.
  • LANI'S General Store 2021 Fall

    LANI'S General Store 2021年秋物のサンプルを先日仕上げました。

    The other day, I finished making new samples of LANI'S General Store 2021 autumn collection.
  • Cut & Paste

    I repeat the work of cutting and sewing the fabric every day.
    Sometimes I cut out a photo on my computer and paste it.


  • One day at my studio

    ある日の作業風景を写真家のShota Akiyoshi氏に撮影頂きました。
    One day, I had photographer Shota Akiyoshi take pictures of my work scene.
  • Collection #004